Bill McCue Owner & Lead Designer

Happy Father & Husband, Website Designer

I am a good listener and passionate about the quality of my work. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing with over 18 years of marketing experience, so I know how to get your message across to the online visitor. I want the product I deliver to exceed my clients expectations.

Bill is awesome! Our website seriously exceeded my expectations. You are talented, and super responsive to our needs. There is an old saying: “Speed, Quality, Price…Pick any two”. With Bill, you actually get all three

Erin Coley, Erin Coley, Co-Owner - WeeTalk Speech & Learning Services


McQ Web Design is the best choice to take on your project.

Here’s why:

Although my goal is not necessarily to be the biggest web design company, it is my goal is to be the best. I focus on producing high quality websites that are built on the WordPress framework. I am a timely and professional web designer located in Berks County Pa., however servicing clients world wide!


Save Time

I work fast. You will see.

  • Full time web design
  • 1-2 week design turn around time.
  • I recommend awesome hosting to make the process fly!
  • Full service – I can take care of everything.
Far too many times, I’ve heard, “I gave a deposit to another designer months ago, and I barely hear from him/her”. Timeliness is very important to me. Once I start a project, it will be done within a week or two in most cases. Although McQ Webdesign is located in Berks County Pa, I service clients all over the globe! This is the McQ Difference!


The Right Tools

I use WordPress as the framework to design websites. This allows for easy client management of the content of the website.

  • Save Time getting content updated quickly by doing it yourself!
  • Cost Effective! Ability to self manage the site.
  • I recommend awesome hosting to make the process fly!
  • Full service – I can take care of everything.
With my website designs, you can write new content, or edit existing content in a flash, with very little training involved! You will no longer need a web designer for every page update. You can save money and do most tasks yourself, and only use a web designer for design changes and technical support. That, my friends, is cost effective!


Unlock Your Site’s Potential

Isn’t It Time Your Website Works As Hard As You Do?

  • Cutting edge framework and technology.
  • We can do things your old site can’t. Let’s talk!
  • Grab a hold of social media to grow your business!
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter To automatically update as you update your website!
Take the step to a search engine optimized website that will not only offer information to your current customers, but will attract new potential clients. By using my WordPress CMS framework, your website is set up to publish new content quickly, and attract the search engines quickly too! Integrate social media (Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, My Space) quickly and easily! There is so much we can do now!


Watch Your Site Grow

If you build it, they may not come …unless it’s built right.

  • I use the best framework.
  • I structure the website properly from the beginning.
  • I follow best search engine optimization practices to improve search rankings!
  • It’s not all about being a pretty website, it needs to perform.
  • The coding needs to be right to succeed.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is important so the website has a higher ranking in search results in the primary engines such as Google or Yahoo. Many webmasters spend a lot of time and even money in order to increase their web ranking but with the framework I use in WordPress, there are many built in tools available to make the process more efficient. Check some of my website projects. They perform well in search rankings!

Let's talk About YOUR Website

Websites That Work As Hard As You Do

Attract more leads for your business, improve your company’s communication with the public, help your organization raise money, or just giving you a cool personal place to share your thoughts. McQ websites are built to hit your goals.